iOS 11 compatibility with ClueTrust products

ClueTrust has verified that CartoMobile (1.4.4, released in July 2016) is compatible with iOS 10. 

At this point, we are unaware of any issues with iOS 10.

Apple has just announced iOS 11 and ClueTrust is hard at work making sure that all of our products are compatible with it.

We are currently unaware of any problems with the current shipping version of CartoMobile (1.4.4), however iOS 11 is an unreleased operating system and is therefore not supported for commercial use.

We encourage Cartographica users to use iOS 10 for production purposes until the release of iOS 10.

With that said, we appreciate any information on problems you're seeing with the betas of iOS 11. Although we can't guarantee we will fix problems that are seen with the betas before release, we are tracking them and testing, and will endeavor to assess problems as they are brought to our attention.

Please make sure that you are using the most recent versions of CartoMobile when reporting bugs against unreleased operating systems.

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