How do I locate my Map Configuration File

Sometimes it is beneficial to get a copy of your Map Configuration File from CartoMobile, either for support purposes, or to send it to a colleague. The configuration file has an extension .c11amc and contains XML-formatted descriptions of the information you've put in your configuration, as well as the data imported on your behalf by CartoMobile.

Connect your iOS device to your computer

We will be using iTunes to retrieve the configuration file.

In iTunes, select your device and then the Apps tab at the top of the window


First click on your device in the source list (1), and then when the picture of the device and its tabs appears, click the Apps tab to the right (2).

Scroll down to File Sharing and click on CartoMobile


Chances are your window will not be large enough to show both the Apps area and the File Sharing area, so scroll down until you can see the File Sharing section (1). Now, click on CartoMobile in the list of Apps (2), and that should bring up the list of CartoMobile Documents (3), including any Map configuration files that you have.

Select your configuration file

Your map documents will be named just like your maps in the CartoMobile list of maps, except that they have the .c11amc file extension at the end of the name. Click on the document and then drag it out of the window (or you may optionally use the Save to... button at the bottom of the CartoMobile Documents list).

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