How do I get Unicode data to correctly import over ODBC?

We have found a number of issues using Unicode with various ODBC drivers on the Macintosh. So far, we have found configuration settings or some other work-around, with a couple of exceptions.

Actual Technologies Open Source ODBC Drivers

These drivers support using Unicode characters, but it appears that to get things to work as we expect them (UTF-32), there are a couple of parameters that need to be changed. The settings are as follows:

Auto-detect language settings for application off
Application uses the system encoding
to send text off
to receive text off
Return Unicode data types on
Set aplication locale to match driver encoding on

Once those are set for each data source, the data is returned as expected in UTF-32.

Filemaker Pro

Filemaker Pro returns UTF-8 data in a 4-character space. This causes inappropriate characters to be inserted into the data stream. To correct for this, we do some additional processing on the Filemaker Pro data to make sure that we can appropriately convert it.

MySQL 5.1

The MySQL 5.1 drivers are confirmed to function as we expect.

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