How do I distribute colors across a range of values

Cartographica has a number of poweful tools for creating and editing styles. Often, after creating a range of styles, you need to apply colors to a series of styles, but don't want to manually choose each color. Cartographica's Color Palettes simplify this task using drag and drop.

Open the Styles window by double-clicking on your layer


This example style layer shows a polygon layer that has been split into 5 styles by selecting INCOME as the Based On column, adding 4 blank styles and choosing Distribute with Natural Breaks (Jenks) from the gear menu under the style list.

Choose Window > Show Color Palettes


The color palette window is for creating, editing, and managing color palettes for use in Cartographica. In this case, only the default color palettes are visible. More palettes may be made through duplication, manual editing, or importing from other sources, such as Color Brewer.

Drag a color palette from the palette list and drop it into the style list


By default, drags like this result in colors being applied to the style Fill colors. If you want to apply them to the stroke colors instead, hold the option key when you drop.

The color palette is now applied to your styles


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