How do I export X and Y coordinates with my table data?

Since version 1.2.3, Cartographica has had the ability to export table data in CSV format for import into other programs (such as Numbers, Excel, SPSS, etc).   For some uses, the X and Y coordinates of the data are important to export as well.   This can be done with just a couple of extra steps from within Cartographica.

  1. Select the layer that you will be exporting from the Layer Stack
  2. Choose Tools > Add Coordinates Columns 
    This will add X and Y  columns to your existing columns in the Data Pane 
  3. Choose File > Export Table Data... 
    A save window will pop up, allowing you to choose where to save the data

A few extra points:

  • Coordinate columns are a static snapshot of the coordinates at that point in time, and will not change as you change data on the map or change coordinate systems.   If you want a dynamic coordinate column, please check out  How do I get coordinate columns to change with my points
  • As with all columns, you can change the name of these columns prior to export if they need to be named in a particular fashion for the software you're sending the data to.
  • Coordinate columns are created in the current Map coordinate system.   If you have different CRS for the Map and the layer, you will want to be conscious of the difference. 
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