Does Cartographica have any keyboard shortcuts?

Yes, Cartographica has a variety of keyboard shortcuts, beyond those which are obvious in the menus, many of which are depending on where the keyboard is focussed.   To tell where the keyboard is focussed, check for a blue ring around the area.

Map View

The Map View (the portion of the main window that contains the map) has the following keyboard controls:

  • Holding the option key while hovering over an object temporarilly enables the Pop Up information (fields selected in the Layer Info box)
  • Holding the command key while in Zoom mode, temporarily enables panning
  • Holding the option key while clicking in Zoom mode zooms out (centered on the clicked location) instead of in
  • Holding the option key while using a scroll button, wheel, or area on a mouse will cause the scrolling action to control the zoom level

Command keys available in the menus include:

  • Command-1 activates the zoom tool
  • Command-2 activates the info/selection tool
  • Command-3 activates the panning tool
  • Command-4 activates the measurement tool
  • Command-- zooms out by a factor of 2
  • Command-= zooms in by a factor of 2
  • Command-0 zooms to fit the entire map
  • Command-9 zooms to fit the selected features
  • Command-8 zooms to fit the selected layer
  • Command-7 zooms to the natural size of the selected image (only works for images/image layers)
  • Command-[ and Command-] move through the stack of recent extents

When in editing mode:

  • Holding the option key changes the cursor to Add Point mode
  • Enter/Return or Tab saves the Feature and ends editing
  • Escape discards the edits and ends editing
  • Arrow keys move the currently selected point(s) by the size of one visible pixel
  • Shift+Arrow keys extend the currently editing point selection to the next point
  • Command+Arrow keys select the next or previous selected point
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