Can Cartographica output on large format printers?

Cartographica is friendly with, and has been tested with, large format printers.    

To print in large format directly from a Map view (what we refer to as Quick Print), choose File > Page Layout… and change the paper type to the desired output type.   

For more sophisticated printing jobs, use Map Layout, which provides layout capabilities for printing to all sorts of output medium, including PDF and large format paper printouts.

  1. Open your Map
  2. Choose File > New Map Layout… to start a new Map Layout window
  3. Add a copy of your map to the window by clicking
  4. Choose File > Page Setup…
  5. You will likely need to choose your specific printer from the Format For: menu, as it often expands the number of choices available and the large-format page sizes aren't usually available unless a specific printer is selected
  6. Choose your required page format from Paper Size: menu
  7. Optionally change the orientation of the page using the Orientation buttons
  8. Click OK
    At this point, the Page Setup sheet will go away and you'll be left with the Map Layout window with the appropriate size and orientation of paper 
  9. Click on the Map creation tool
  10. Click on in the empty page area and drag out a new box to contain the map.
At this point, you now have a map layout, connected to your current map, and prepared for printing on a large format printer.  See our help or documentation for more information about using map layout documents.

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