How do I add more space around my Map in a Map Layout

For current shipping versions of Cartographica (1.4+), map layout element now have Details… options to provide a variety of changes to how they are presented.   To add more space around your Map in a Map Layout, you need to increase the "Extent Margin":

  1. Select the Map element you want to modify in your Map Layout document
  2. Control-click or Right-click on the Map element to bring up the action menu and choose Details… 
  3. Using either the slider or the text box, increase the Extent Margin from 0% to the desired setting
  4. When done, click anywhere else to close the Details popover 

Cartographica 1.2

As of 1.2, the displayed map area has no buffer around it.  For this version, the work-around for maps that are too close to the border is to add a layer which creates a buffer around the useful content by expanding the extent of the map.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new layer using Layer > New Layer
  2. With the new layer selected, choose Edit > Add Feature to add a new feature, and choose Polygon when prompted 
  3. While holding down the option key (to add points), create a border area around your map by clicking in the four corners of the rectangle representing your desired buffer area
  4. Choose Edit > Add Feature again (or hit Enter) to exit add feature mode
  5. Using the Styles… button with the layer selected, bring up the Styles window for your newly created layer
  6. Uncheck the Stroke box and change the Fill color to transparent by clicking on the color well and sliding the Opacity slider to 0%
  7. In your Map Layout view, make sure this layer is selected in your Map (otherwise the border won't be shown) — after selecting the Map, the context menu (control-click) will allow you to toggle visibility of any layer in the Map, independent of what is shown in the original map view
  8. In the Legend box, disable the layer such that it does not show up in the legend list by selecting the Legend and then using the context menu to uncheck that layer

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