How do I zoom a Map in a Map Layout?

Cartographica's Map Layout feature looks deceptively simple, but it hides a lot of flexibility for showing maps on the page.  Here is an example of a pretty basic use of Map Layout to show a single map for a presentation.  


This is an example of a simple Map Layout document, with:

  • A full size Map
  • A title at the top
  • A North Arrow in a white overlay (upper left of the map)
  • A Scale bar (lower right of the map)
  • A Legend at the bottom

However, this is really just the beginning of the uses of the Map Layout feature.   As you can imagine, you can place multiple maps, multiple text areas, and even scales, legends, and north arrows for more than one map on the same page.    However, did you know that you can also have more than one copy of the same map?   In fact, you can, and that's where we rejoin the original question here about zooming maps in Map Layout.   There are a couple of reasons you might want to modify a map to show multiple views on the same page.   Once common way to do this is to have a larger map and a smaller map.   Another common use of this feature is to show multiple layers of the map, but to do so with individually.   Here we will show two further examples.


This is an example of a more complex Map Layout document with multiple views of the same map, each highlighting a different layer.

This map contains:

  • One Satellite map
  • One Road Map
  • One Area Map
  • One Business Map
  • A legend for each map
  • A title

Here is another example of a Map Layout with multiple views of the same map on it.   In this case, the Large map is an zoomed in version of the Map, and the small version shows the overview to provide context.

There are also two other elements, a legend and a title.

Each of these Map Layouts is quite easy to create.    The key is understanding the two kinds of selection for a Map in a Map Layout page.   Ever element on the page can be selected by clicking on it.     In some cases, there are options that can be changed by double-clicking on them, such as the scale and North Arrow that both have detail settings.

In the case of the Map, the second time you click (not a double-click, but click-wait-click), the border of the Map turns blue signifying that the Map is now Live.   When a Map is Live in Map Layout, you can use the zoom and pan controls (or the trackpad or Magic Mouse) to move the map around and zoom it under control of your mouse.   This allows you to position maps in the same space, different spaces, and just about any other variation.    Also at this time, the context menu changes to allow you to adjust settings in the Map itself, such as which layers are visible and short-cuts to change zoom levels to greater and lesser values, or to match it to the current Map window's view.

Play around with this and see what great map presentations you can create with Map Layout in Cartographica!

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