How do I create KMZ files from Cartographica?

Cartographica can export to formats readable by Google Maps and Google Earth, however not with KMZ files. Cartographica exports to Google Earth using KML, which is the same basic format, but without the zip. Most exported KML files from Cartographica contain a main KML file and sometimes a set of small files that go with it. The KML files can be used directly from within Google Earth, but if you want to make a KMZ file the process isn't difficult.

To create a KMZ file from a Cartographica map, do the following:

  1. Choose File > Export Map… 
  2. Select KML as the file format and select a destination folder and name 
  3. Click Save 
  4. Switch to the Finder and locate the exported files 
    the files will all be named similarly, thus if you named your KML file foo, any auxiliary files will be named foo-Icon-X or foo-image-X 
  5. Select the files in the Finder 
  6. Choose File > Compress n Items 
    when the compression is finished, you will have an file in the same folder 
  7. Select the file and rename it, giving it the .kmz extension and whatever file name you like 
    you will be prompted by the Finder to ask whether you want to change the extension, when this happens, click Use KMZ

At this point, the KMZ file may now be used with Google Maps or Google Earth

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