How do I get coordinate columns to change with my points

In order to get dynamic coordinate columns, you need to use column formulas.   To do this:

  1. Select the layer in the Layer Stack
  2. Use Window > Show Layer Info if it isn't already showing
  3. Choose the Fields tab if it isn't already showing
  4. Locate or add a column to store the information in
  5. Make sure the column has a type of Float 
  6. Select the column name in the list and click Set Formula...
  7. In the formula area enter "geometry.centroid().x" for the x column and "geometry.centroid().y" for the y column
  8. Click OK
NOTE: this will use the map coordinate system to compute the coordinates.   To use the layer's original coordinate  system use "geometry.centroid(1).x" and "geometry.centroid(1).y" respectively for the x and y columns.


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