Importing WMF/EMF icons into Cartographica

How can I import icons from WMF or EMF format to Cartographica?

We recently had this questions and found a solution with a third-party app (detailed below), however, our user pointed out to us that you could also open the icons in Microsoft Word and drag them directly into Cartographica's symbol well, and they would work!   

I'd still encourage WMF Converter Pro if you have a lot of icons to convert, but for the occasional conversion, dragging out of word is a neat, and inexpensive, solution.

OS X, and thus Cartographica doesn't directly support EMF or WMF format. There appear to be a few options for converting EMF and WMF to other formats (I'd suggest PDF first, then PNG if not available, since PDF is scalable). On 10.6 and above, there's WMF Converter Pro, which has some pretty good reviews and goes for $20 on the app store. I've tested it with the example you sent and it was able to convert to .pdf with no loss of functionality or resolution. I've also tried Graphic Converter to convert to PNG and that works, although it isn't scalable.

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