How do I make sure a map set contains all constituent data?

Cartographica attempts to be smart about copying data which is imported into the software.   To that end, most image files, shapefiles, and some other data types are initially imported by reference, which means that they show up in the layer stack with the upward pointing arrow and do not create a separate copy of the data.

There are times, however, when you might want to make sure that every bit of data is stored within the Mapset file.   Examples include: sending a single map set to a colleague who doesn't have the constituent files, archiving your work in order to save the exact status of all data at a given point in time, or sending a copy of your mapset to ClueTrust for customer support issues.

For these circumstances, Cartographica can flatten the data from all layers into a file for safekeeping and ease of transport.   Now, we will describe creating a new map set with all the constituent layers fattened into it.   This map set will be created as a copy, so as to leave the original undisturbed.

  1. Open a mapset with the problem 
  2. Choose File > Save As... and check the Flatten button 
  3. Add a name and click the Save button
This will create a new map set with all of the constituent files stored inside of it.
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