Auto-completion of existing geometries when digitizing data

Question: I have an existing layer of polygons. I need to digitize/create a new polygon that is perfectly adjacent to an existing geometry. Is there a way that Cartographica automatically follows an existing line geometry until the next node so I would not have to digitize every vertet between the node I start and the next node?


There isn't a way to automatically follow a set of vertices. Version 1.4+ have the ability to snap to existing edges and vertices (for this operation, you'd want to use vertices), which will still require clicking once per vertex, but will reduce the level of accuracy required to align the data.

When you create the new polygon, use the Editing Options window to set the Snap To to Vertices and then make sure to choose the layer (or layers) which you want to align with.

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    Eric Jarvies

    One thing that is missing is vertice visibility on neighboring geoms.  When a specific geom is in edit mode, all surrounding geoms should display their vertices, so the user can see where the other geoms possess vertices.

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