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I noticed that the raster (DEM) data you import is color coded. I have a raster file (geoTIFF) with SRTM data. When I open it looks like a binary file: black or white. I did not find a way to apply a color schema. Is that possible at all?


Yes, to apply a color palette to a raster image that is based on data (this won't work for RGB or RGBa images, but works fine for density maps, DEM, and other data-based maps), do the following:

  1. Choose Window > Show Uber Browser 
  2. Click Palettes
  3. Drag the palette that represents the color scheme you want to use to the layer in the layer stack that you would like to color. Note that this works for vector layers as well, but with different results, as it colors each of the individual styles based on the color palette

You can also view the current palette selection, and the view and adjust the range parameters by double-clicking on the raster layer to bring up the raster layer style (which shows the minimum and maximum values, the palette and the opacity and allows you to modify all three).

Custom palettes can be created using the Uber Browser's palette tab by creating a new palette and setting individual colors. Or colors may be imported from Color Brewer or by pasting in a line of text that includes comma-separated r,g, and b values with semicolons in between, for example:

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