Using ArcGIS Server or Google Map-style map sources as Live Maps

A recent change (1.4.2) in Live Maps allows new use for Custom OSM Layers, including specifically the ability to change the format of requests to comply with other tiled server models, such as ArcGIS Server.

For those of you with access to tiled services from an ESRI ArcServer map, this means that you can access those tiles from Cartographica as well. For an OpenStreetMap server, you can just use the URL of the service in the box.   For other services, you'll need to use a more complete URL with {zoom}, {x}, and {y}, representing the zoom level, x tile id, and y tile id.   Here are some examples:

For ESRI ArcServer maps, end the URL with {zoom}/{y}/{x}, so if the base URL of the map is 


the URL you would use is:


For Google-style maps, the URL is more complicated, so if the base URL of the map is

and  the URL you would use is:{x}&y={y}&z={zoom}&scale=2&s=Ga

At the moment, all of the key services are using the same CRS, which is the "Web Pseudo-Mercator" and thus Cartographica will automatically determine the right information and display it correctly.

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