Sorting Layers Alphabetically in the Layer Stack


Is there any opportunity to sort layers alphabetically in the layer list (left side of the screen)? That would be great if there where any in cases you have very long layer lists. Currently I have a list of more than 150 layers after having used the layer splitter script. There is no order after splitting in all the new layers so a sorting function would be great - for large projects anyway.


As you've noticed, we don't have any direct mechanism for it.

Here is the script that I put together to sort by name or name and layer type. If you have a set of layers selected (>1) when you run the script, it will sort just those layers. Otherwise, it will sort the entire stack of layers. So, if you want to sort the whole stack, just make sure you don't have only some selected.

Note: I've included both the script file and an application (double-clickable script), so you can choose which one you like to use.


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