Image Viewer paths to pictures in Cartographica

The image viewer will show images named in the field selected in the Style window. To find the images, Cartographica uses the following tactics:

  • If the field begins with a '/', then it is considered an absolute path and is used directly, for example:
    /Users/myuser/Pictures/apicture.png would look within user myuser's Pictures folder for the file apicture.png
  • Otherwise the Picture Path in the style is used to find the picture, so you should use the Choose item in the drop down for Picture Path and the contents of the selected picture field for the name, for example:
    Picture Path is /Users/myuser/Pictures/
    Picture field value for the specific feature is apicture.png
    Cartographica will display the picture within user myuser's Pictures folder with the file named apicture.png

Of course, if the Picture box is checked, it is also displayed on the map as the symbol.

When importing layers from a CartoMobile map that contain picture fields, you will want to copy the corresponding picture folder into the same folder as the layer and use the Picture Path to point at that location on your disk.

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