Adding a Logo to a map

To insert a Logo in a Map Layout document, do the following:

  1. Create a new Map file using File > New Map
  2. Import your logo as you would a geographic raster by choosing File > Import Raster Data...
  3. Choose Edit > Georeference Image... command so that you can use Flip Vertical to get the orientation correct and then choose Edit > Georeference Image... again to stop editing
  4. Save the Map file for future use 
  5. In your Map Layout file, add the Map containing your logo to the Map Layout by dragging the file or using the Insert Map command from the canvas area.
    Note: the Map file containing your logo must be open for you to add it to the Map Layout
  6. This Map (containing only your logo) can be dragged around, resized, and placed anywhere on the page

To insert a Logo directly into a Map document, you have to treat it exactly as you would a Raster Image, meaning it will have to be positioned using the georeference techniques and it will be attached to a particular location on the map.

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