Why do my tracks disappear when I zoom in on them in Google Earth?

When viewing KML data exported by LoadMyTracks, you can sometimes see the effect that tracks "submerge" when you zoom in on them, fading into the background as you get closer.

This is caused by the altitude readings of the GPS being below what Google Earth believes to be the ground level for that location on the Earth. 

This only occurs when KML is exported with the "Use Actual Altitude" box checked in the Save window.   

Although there are times when this option is useful (it was requested mostly by users who do aerial sports, such as gliding), it is generally not a useful option when using data that comes from ground activities.    In these cases, even if the GPS is highly accurate, it merely takes a disagreement at that particular point for the line to submerge below the base map.

We suggest that this option only be selected when using data that is known to be above the ground surface (such as flying), as it is more likely to result in frustration than in useful display.

More information about Google Earth's Altitude mode is available in their documentation.

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