Translating NMEA files with LoadMyTracks

LoadMyTracks understands a couple of special NMEA formats, including ones from Sony and Canon.   In order to differentiate these, LoadMyTracks expects that either the Sony or Canon formats will have a log extension, but pure NMEA sentence files (or files from other devices) will have the nmea extension.

If you are trying to load a file containing NMEA sentences, make sure to change the file name so that it has the extension nmea before using LoadMyTracks' File > Translate File... command.   

Keep in mind that the Finder tends to try and keep extensions, so if you get a warning when trying to import these files indicating that no valid plugin was found, you should go back to the Finder and use the File > Get Info to verify that the Name & Extension box contains just the filename and the nmea extension, such as foo.nmea, not foo.nmea.log.

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