Mountain Lion Compatibility with ClueTrust products

After testing for compabibility with Apple's OS X Lion (10.8) software, ClueTrust has released the following updates:

Cartographica 1.2.8 has been updated with Developer ID (so Gatekeeper won't complain), and a few Retina Display-related bug fixes.   It is a suggested update for 10.7 and a required update for those running with Retina Displays.

LoadMyTracks 1.4.5 (094) is available in the App Store, but has some problems with 10.7.3+ and 10.8 sandbox, which causes problems with serial devices.  We have submitted 1.4.7 to the App Store to fix this, but it is still awaiting review.   For those requiring serial devices, please use the download version.

LoadMyTracks 1.4.7 (099) has been updated with a few bug fixes and support for new devices from US GlobalSat.

These versions represent the lowest compatible versions of the ClueTrust software for compatibility with OS X Mountain Lion.

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