Downloading and Emailing CartoMobile configurations

Configuration files and initial data for CartoMobile can be delivered via email or through web downloads as of version 1.4.3.

For configuration files without any initial data, the .c11amc files can be emailed directly as attachments.   For downloading via the web, the web server will need to set the mime type to something other than text (if it is text, Safari on iOS will just display the data in the browser window).  For web administrators, see the bottom of this article for further configuration information.

To send initial data with the configuration files, the process is slightly more involved:

  1. Collect your files on a desktop computer in a single folder containing the .c11amc file and all of the shape file constituents you want to send with (for each layer, you should have a .shp, .shx.dbf, and optionally a .cpg
  2. Zip the files using a standard (not Gnu-ZIP) ZIP program.  On the Mac, you can just select the files in the Finder and choose File > Compress N Items (where N is the number of files that you have selected.  
  3. Now rename the file from to Something.c11amz to indicate it is a CartoMobile Configuration Package (if prompted, make sure that only the .c11amz extension is used)

Once you have prepared the c11amz or c11amc file, it can be delivered via email or through a web download.

Web Administration Notes

For those who need to have .c11amc files available for download on their web servers, it will be necessary to make sure that the server does not serve them to the client as text files.   This is usually done by configuring the MIME Type system in the server to understand the specific file names for CartoMobile.

ClueTrust has registered vendor extensions with the IETF so that there are well-known types which can be used for this purpose.   These types are:


    CartoMobile MIME Types
File Kind File Extension  MIME Type
CartoMobile Configuration File c11amc application/vnd.cluetrust.cartomobile-config
CartoMobile Configuration Package c11amz application/vnd.cluetrust.cartomobile-config-pkg
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