Using Custom Online Tile Services in CartoMobile

CartoMobile supports tiles-based map sources that conform to the coordinate systems used by the major mapping services (like Bing, Google, OpenStreetMap, MapBox, etc.).

CartoMobile's Base Map is served by MapBox, but you can point your copy of CartoMobile at any service you have access to by using the Custom OSM base map options.  

If you want to use a Custom OSM Base Map, you'll need to know the format of the tile request URL.   For OpenStreetMap servers, this is straightforward and you can just put in the URL of the tile server (for example For other servers, you will need to know the order and format of the X,Y, and Z values that represent the tile coordinates (more about this below, see Custom Tile Addressing).  

Add a new Base Map to your configuration file by doing the following:

  1. Use the Gear menu and choose Change Map
  2. Tap the Edit button and choose the map you want to modify (or choose Create New Map)
  3. In the Base Maps area, choose Add Custom OSM Server
  4. Put the tile server's URL in the URL box and a name in the Layer Label box
  5. Tap Done until you have saved the map

Once you've added the Base Map, you should test it by selecting the Map that you've just configured and using the Gear menu to change to your new base map.  If it doesn't work correctly, you can use the Change Map item to change the server's URL to fix any problems.

Custom Tile Addressing

Although many tile servers use the same format as OpenStreetMap:


Some servers use different delimiters, coordinate order, or other changes that are incompatible with the defaults.   Fortunately, CartoMobile can handle these if you specify a format that contains {x},{y}, and {z} for the tile references.   For example, if you had a server ( which required the coordinates be sent as URL query string elements with the labels x,y, and z respectively, you could do this by using:{x}&y={y}&z={z}

as the URL in CartoMobile's Custom OSM layer.


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