How do I get back to the same location and size?

The way to consistently bring your Map View to a specific location and size is to use Bookmarks in the Uberbrowser. These can be set in two ways, by using the + button in the Bookmarks tab, or by moving the map to where you want it in the map screen and then choosing View > Bookmark Extent.

When you bookmark the extent using the menu item, the recorded values are the center in latitude and longitude (these are automatically converted to and from your Map coordinate system) and the scale.

Any time that a Map View is live, you can bring up the Uberbrowser's Bookmark tab and click on the icon to the left to bring that view in line with the bookmark. If you are trying this in a Map Layout window and it is not working as expected, make sure that the Map View is live (click once on it and the view should become outlined to indicate it is live).

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