CartoMobile 1.4.3 Release Notes

CartoMobile 1.4.3 has been released as primarily a bug fix release.

New Features


  • Increased drawing accuracy of polygon and line data on 32-bit devices

Bugs Fixes

  • Fixed bug which could cause spurious warnings when saving changed attributes for Polygon and Line Features [CARTOMOBILE-318]
  • Fixed bug in Polygon creation that resulted in final points not being added to close the perimeter [CARTOMOBILE-317]
  • Fixed problem where first layer might not be deselectable on iPhone
  • Fixed problem where user-added point markers whose names contained spaces could be selected, but would not show up
  • Fixed bug which could cause crash when a delete operation failed
  • Fixed bug which could cause periodic crashes when working with large numbers of lines and polygons [CARTOMOBILE-319]
  • Fixed bug which would crash when running on iOS 5.1.1 (1st generation iPad)

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