Can I use CartoMobile on more than 1 iOS device?

Commercial and Educational licensing

Licensing for CartoMobile is governed by the iTunes App licensing provisions, which are available online from Apple.  The license for apps from the App Store, including CartoMobile, requires a separate license per device or user when used for non-personal use (in both commercial and educational settings)..

See - specifically the section on iOS apps for commercial use:

(ii) If you are a commercial enterprise or educational institution, you may download and sync an App Store Product for use by either (a) a single individual on one or more iOS Devices used by that individual that you own or control or (b) multiple individuals, on a single shared iOS Device you own or control. For example, a single employee may use an App Store Product on both the employee's iPhone and iPad, or multiple students may serially use an App Store Product on a single iPad located at a resource center or library. For the sake of clarity, each iOS Device used serially by multiple users requires a separate license.

So, if you have 10 employees using it on their own devices, you need 10 licenses. However, if they are sharing 5 iPads, then you only need 5.

Note that CartoMobile is available on the Volume Purchase Program, which makes it easier to have end-users use corporate-owned apps on their devices and allow the company to withdraw hose licenses at a later date and re-assign them to other users.

Personal, Non-commercial Use

For personal, non-commercial use (not in an educational institution), the App Store license applies as well, but a different section:

If you are an individual acting in your personal capacity, you may download and sync an App Store Product for personal, noncommercial use on any iOS Device you own or control.

In addition, CartoMobile is available with Family Sharing, which allows the use of CartoMobile among family members using a Family Sharing setup per he terms of the  Family Sharing portion of the license agreement referenced above.

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