Avoiding Illustrator Import error "offending operator: d"

We are aware of a problem when importing layers into Adobe Illustrator 19.2.0 (and possibly earlier) that are created using Cartographica's more complex line styles.  The symptoms are an error window from Illustrator similar to this:

The problem is that Illustrator's importer seems only able to import dashed lines (the "d" operator) with up to 6 segments.  A segment in this case is one of the alternating draw and skip patterns that makes up a dashed line.  More complex dashed lines in Cartographica, such as Border, National contain 8 or more segments and will cause this problem, whereas less complex dashes (such as Border, State) do not have this effect.

We are working on a fix to truncate the segments when exporting to Illustrator (sadly, there's no way that we have figured out to force it to handle a more complex line), but until that time, if you see that error, please reduce the complexity of the dashed lines in your styles before exporting to illustrator.

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