How do I change auto-generated labels in a legend?

If you create styles using the the range distribution tools (such as Distribute With Natural Breaks), Cartographica automatically creates labels for these styles based on the ranges.  However, if you are planning on using those styles in a Map Layout with a Legend, you may find the precision unnecessarily distracting.  

This can be resolved by changing the Name of the style in the Edit Styles window for the Layer.

  1. Select the Layer in the Layer Stack
  2. Bring up the Style window for the layer you need to change (double-click the layer, or choose Layer > Show Layer Styles)
  3. Select the Style you want to change from the list
  4. In the Name box on the right side of the Style window, change the name to the shortened version of the numbers
  5. Repeat until you have changed all of the layers

In the case of legends, the Name field will override the automatic generation of values for the Legend.


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