Adding Custom Line Styles

Cartographica supports custom line styles. To access the styles, you will need to acquire a custom line style file (.ctline) and then place it inside a special folder on your Macintosh.

Open Cartographica Application Support

In the Finder, with a window frontmost, Select Go > Go To Folder...

When the window appears, type ~/Library/Application Support/com.ClueTrust.Cartographica into the box and click Go


Locate/Create the LineStyles folder

The LineStyles folder may already exist. However, if it does not, choose File > New Folder... and type LineStyles in the box to create the LineStyles folder.

Drop the LineStyle files into the LineStyles folder

Now that you have a LineStyles folder, you can place the ClueTrust Line Style files in it and they will be available the next time you start Cartographica.

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