How do I georeference Vector Data with Cartographica?

We don't directly support georeferencing a Vector file in Cartographica. There is indirect support for it by allowing the editing of the Projection/CRS that the data is presented in, and that's generally what we suggest in such cases. The challenges for this are two-fold:

  • Making sure that the original diagram is already north aligned. This can be an issue for site designs, and can make the calculations difficult.
  • Locating the correct horizontal and vertical offsets.

If your data is North aligned already, then once you know the horizontal and vertical offsets, you can adjust the CRS by doing the following:

  1. Choose Layer > Set Layer's Projection
  2. Select an appropriate base coordinate system (for example a State Plane system if you're in the US)
  3. Click Edit (which creates an editable clone when you have selected a projection from the library)
  4. Adjust the x_0 and y_0 for the offsets from the coordinate system to bring the reference frame of your vector data into alignment.


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