iOS 13 and CartoMobile INcompatibility

WARNING: we have reports of some features becoming misaligned when viewing maps, specifically with line features and some polygon features. We didn't see this behavior before the final release of iOS 13 but it appears present on iOS 13.1 and may exist in iOS 13.0 as well. We recommend CartoMobile users hold off on upgrading to iOS 13.1 (and iOS 13 if possible), until we can fully diagnose this.  The problem does not affect Point feature types, so if you only use points, you should be OK under iOS 13.

We are actively working on an update to fix this problem.

iOS 13 New Feature Support

There are features of iOS 13 that are not currently supported in CartoMobile, including Dark Mode. However, all existing functionality should work correctly.

GPS Tracking warning

If you are using background tracking (for example, you start a line and then turn off the phone's display or switch to another App, CartoMobile requires that the Location settings be set to Always.  This is not required for normal operation when the App is open (in this case, the Location setting must at least be While using App if you want CartoMobile to be able to get the GPS information.

If you had CartoMobile set to Always prior to your upgrade, please check to verify that it wasn't reset to While using App during the upgrade process.

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