Where can I find a list of my subscriptions?

ClueTrust's payment processor, 2checkout, handles displaying subscription information and providing the ability to renew subscriptions. If you'd like to see your current list of licenses, and their current status, please visit The MyAccount page

The first time you visit the page, you'll need to create a management password using an order number or the email address you purchased the product with. If you have trouble getting signed up, please contact support.

Once you're on the MyAccount page, you should be presented with a list of all orders associated with your user in the payment system. If you click on the MyProducts tab, you'll see a list of all your product subscriptions, along with their expiration dates and, if eligible, a link to add a payment card. When you add a payment card, you can choose whether that payment card is auto-renewing or not. 

Once you've added the payment to your subscription, you should have a Renew Now link, which will execute the renewal.

Similarly, if you need to cancel an automatic payment, you can visit the same page to turn off the automatic payment if previously enabled.



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