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Table Attribute Column Sorting(and Selecting/Selection)

In addition to sorting the Table Attribute Columns in ascending or descending order, I would suggest adding a contextual menu(upon clicking on a column header) that offers the following additional options:

  1. Sort 'Selected Rows/Records' first/on top or last/on bottom.   Which is to say; if there are 100 records, and 25 of them are selected, those 25 selected records would be displayed first(or last), and the remaining 75 non-selected rows/records, would display immediately after(or before) the above-mentioned selected rows/records.   This provides the user with all of the selected rows/records in one continuous list, something that is especially useful when there are tens or hundreds of thousands of records, as it keeps all of the selected records grouped together for easy access.
  2. Sort 'Sticky Top(or Bottom)' option.  When this contextual menu item is selected, all records that were selected prior to clicking, will become sticky in the sense that they will remain selected, no matter if the user switches to another column, or clicks on another column header to sort.  All of the previously selected 'Sticky' records will remain selected, and will inherit the sorting as per the new column that was selected/sorted, or will reamin at the top(or bottom) of the list if that contextual item was selected/applied to those selected stick records.   This also applies when switching to other layers... upon returning to the layer those Sticky items will be as they were.


Thank you,

Eric Jarvies

Eric Jarvies

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