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Edit > Copy/Paste > Selected Column(s)

This feature would allow the user to copy the data from a single column, or from multiple selected columns.  When Edit > Copy > Select Column is selected, the Table Attribute section changes state, thus allowing the user to do the following:

  1. Click on any column header, thus selecting all of the records, but only the cells in that particular column, thus making them available for 'Copying' to the clipboard for use in another application, or for 'Pasting' into those selected columns data that is already in the clipboard, if the case may be, resulting in a mass replace(this would require the clipboard data have the same number of rows/records and only one column, like is selected).  
  2. Click on column cells for selective selecting.  For example; if the rows/records of this geo-base span a total of 20 columns(id, first_name, last_name, city, state, etc.), and the user wishes to only copy data only for columns 'first_name' and 'last_name', and only ~50 sporadic records, the user would click a cell in the 'first_name' column representing the first row/record s/he wishes to copy, and holding down either the Command or Shift keys, user would proceed to select all 50 rows/records s/he wishes to copy from that column.  Whilst continuing to hold down the Command or Shift key, the user would go to the 'last_name' column and repeat the process(and perhaps a shortcut option can be added that auto-selects all the same cells as the other/first column).  The selection process only allows up or down 'fill-in-the-blank' selection in each column,  thus preventing ignored columns from having their cells highlighted, which is the normal/current behavior of Cartographica.  When the user has finished selecting the 50 rows/records, s/he may then Copy them, which puts that data into the clipboard, making it application friendly(e.g.- delimiters) for the likes of Excel, etc.  Likewise, and like item #1 listed above, users may instead opt to Paste data into the selected columns/cells, but like I mentioned in item #1, said clipboard data must match the number of columns and cells that the user has selected.  Perhaps adding a visual indicator that denotes the number of columns and the number of records/cells that are selected.  

Also, this feature should be made to work with any such Filters that may be applied to the data, and it should also respect any Sorting that may already be applied.

Thank you,

Eric Jarvies

Eric Jarvies

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