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Verticies, Segments, polylne direction, point numbering, etc.

Would be nice to be able to work with Road/Street data in an intelligent manner, like being able to connect multiple unique feature segments/lines, like is often needed for working with the breakdown of blocks within road networks(e.g.- a line segment for each city block).  In the administrative/GUI sense, being able to snap vertices together, connecting line segments, and being able to manage/work with them as such, is useful, especially when importing/exporting OpenStreetMap road data.  Additionally, being able to see the line direction(not only in polylines, but polygons too), and the vertice/point number(s)/(ing) would also be helpful.

On OS X, one must use either the Potlatch editors, or Merkaator, in order to do accomplish this type of editing/workflow capability with road data.


Thank you,

Eric Jarvies

Eric Jarvies

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