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Raster Import Improvements

When importing a Raster image, specifically, one that does not have any geo referencing, and especially if the image is large, extending in size beyond what your application/desktop is capable of displaying on-screen.

Need to add the ability to ROTATE based on the control point that is selected/highlighted.  Thus allowing the user to rotate the entire raster image 360 degrees with little effort.

Need to also add the ability to easily scale the entire image, ideally without having to go and select/highlight all of the control points.

Very important, as it relates to oversized images that do not display entirely on-screen, is in making sure the control points are made available inside of the map view, even if those control points are far outside of the map view area.  The reason for this is one must be able to focus on/visually see, the are which s/he is attempting to align(when doing this particular type of raster import/alignment work), and at present time this of course is not possible, when makes the process overly complicated.  One of the contributing factors(in addition to what is missing as mentioned above), is the inability to zoom in/out when in this edit mode using the mouse, instead of the zoom slide bar(likely an oversight in the coding).

Need to be able to select all fo the control points and easily move the image.


Thank you,

Eric Jarvies

Eric Jarvies

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