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Contour + Movie Import & Playback

I've recently been using the Contour + camera to capture video footage in the field.  This camera lays down a GPS along with the video footage, using the timecode of the video footage and point names.  The user can capture 1, 2, and 4 points per second, and record HD video at 25/50 and 30/60 at 720p and 1080p.  The accompanying software allows the user the ability to post these videos to the Contour website, where the video, the track and POI on the map, and the elevation are displayed.  The product is geared towards action sports, such as mountain biking, auto racing, etc.  I have been using it to capture footage as a means of collecting information, along with extracting still images from the video footage.

It would be wonderful(and fairly easy from a technical point of view)) if Cartographica could import these videos and their accompanying GPX files, so the user can view the footage within the confines of Cartographica, as well as be able to slide a control point atop the map on the GPX polyline to move forward and backward through the video(scrubbing, frame by frame, s l o w and fast).  And also have the ability to export still frames from the video containing the respective coordinate information.  Additionally, when using this camera inan RF copter/droid, flying up above and shooting(POV) downward in either a perspective, or straight down, it would be nice to be able to convert video frames into stills with world file so they can be used as raster overlays.

I have spoke with the Contour developers, and they are amicable regarding changes to their code or desktop software so the footage may be used with other software, such as providing a specific type of export, although I doubt this is needed, considering the GPX file provides all of this anyways.

Thank you,

Eric Jarvies

Eric Jarvies

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