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FR: Action Tool

Suggestion: Add a new tool, called something like an "action" tool. Add the ability to designate a column in the attributes to respond to the action tool. The column would be a yes/no or true/false column. Using the action tool, you would click on features and as you click, the data in the associated column toggles between yes and no. If formatted according to the yes/no value, the object would change colors when clicked. For me this would be a great tool for entering data. I currently am using the map to show either what I have done or what I want someone to do. I end up having to manually enter yes/no into columns so that I can appropriately color the map. Being able to simple click on a block to color it would be a big time saver. Ideally you could have multiple columns that were connected to the action tool but only one at a time would be active.

Jeff Allen

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