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Ability to trace/see other layers when adding new features


Often I draw features by hand in Cartographica, but when I go into "create new feature" mode I am unable to see other layers that are on my map. This is annoying because most of the time I am manually tracing another layer in my map.

It would be great if when creating new features everything didn't "white out".



Conrad Quilty-Harper

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Good news about this in Cartographica 1.4:

For those who need to trace, the new snapping function provides a simple mechanism to make sure that your new features line up with edges or vertices of existing layers, or with a specified grid.

As for the lack of visibility, If you haven't already done so, go to the Cartographica > Preferences and change the Edit Backdrop Color to be less opaque (reduce the Opacity slider) or change it to entirely transparent if you don't like the isolation effect from the backdrop.  

Gaige B Paulsen 0 votes
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