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Can't load more than one file to Garmin Forerunner 305

Hello there,

First, let me thank you for LMT. I really appreciate it because it's fun to create new running routes and then try them out!

However, I am no longer able to load more than one track to my Garmin Forerunner 305 in LoadMyTracks 1.4.5 (093).

After clicking the "Send..." button, I select e.g. 3 .tcx files from the same directory and then click on Send. However only 1 files is transfered on the device. I've never had a problem with this, so maybe this is related to a new release?

I uploaded one sample tcx file.

Here are the system messages:

16.11.11 08:22:42    LoadMyTracks[13766]    current RL= 0x100144a80

16.11.11 08:22:42    LoadMyTracks[13766]    current RL= 0x10d557db0

16.11.11 08:22:42    LoadMyTracks[13766]    delete data

16.11.11 08:22:42    LoadMyTracks[13766]    delete data

16.11.11 08:22:42    LoadMyTracks[13766]    delete data

Sebastian Kres

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Sebastian, has anything else changed? (Firmware update, etc)?

Also, can you use the Help > Send Logs command and submit a ticket?  That'll allow us to link the information in the submitted logs with this discussion so that we can see what other diagnostics are there.


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