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How do I d/l gps tracks from Canon camera?


I noticed that 1.4.7b3 (099)  has added support for Canon GPS devices in NMEA plug-in. I grabbed 1.4.7b and connected my Canon S100 to the computer with the intention of seeing the tracks as logged by the Canon S100. 

I am unable to figure out how to grab the GPS data from the Canon camera. Any help will be appreciated.


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Neil Mishalov Answered

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We implemented the Canon GPS support based on files sent to us by customers.   We have verified with Canon users that the log files can be interpreted, but frankly don't know exactly how to pull the files off of the devices themselves.   My understanding is that there is a piece of Canon software that is included and will download the .log files, which you can then translate using LoadMyTracks to either GPX or KML.   Once you have access to the .log files, you can use the Translate item in the File menu to convert them.

Anyone who's successfully done this, please provide more information.

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